Member of Federgon

FreelanceCFO is part of Mundo Interim bvba
Recognised by the Flemish Region under no. VG.931/BU
Email: info@freelancecfo.be



A freelance CFO is nor an accountant, nor auditor, but an interim manager who works temporarily or permanently at a client’s office on a full- or part-time base.

Usually one can achieve 80% of output with only the first 20% of input (@RichardKoch8020), so do not underestimate the amount of work that already can be done by a part time CFO, especially for SME companies with sales figures between 2 an 20 million.

FreelanceCFO.be attaches great value to the work-life balance of its co-workers: due to the ever increasing traffic conditions, it is currently limiting it’s projects to the triangle Leuven-Eindhoven-Maastricht.

FreelanceCFO.be is part of Mundo Interim bvba (BE0480.028.353), member of the commission ‘Interim Management’ of Federgon and certified by the Flemish Government (VG.931/BU).

For references, quotes or a first non-committal interview, please send us an e-mail at info@freelanceCFO.be .